Children can be exposed to many issues and adverse life experiences – from academic and social pressure, bullying, family breakdown, poverty, violence, dysfunctional families, inappropriate care and now Covid!

In the long run, these experiences are very likely to cause emotional, physical and mental health problems.

While there is greater awareness of mental health issues affecting children and adolescents, the impact on the child’s everyday life and future is still highly underestimated.

Some children can understand their own feelings, verbalise how they feel and find way to manage them. They develop the ability to understand the emotional state of others. However, others may not be able to learn this and it becomes difficult for such children to self-regulate their emotions and behaviours. This further creates the inability to develop social skills which are important in building friendships and meaningful relationships. A limitation that often is protracted into adulthood.

Warning Signs that a child may need counselling

All children will sometimes display challenging and defiant behaviours. However, some children present abnormal and extremely challenging behaviour which are not age-appropriate:

How do we operate?

Child counsellors are mental health specialists, who offer invaluable insight into a child’s social and emotional development and mental health. It is important to understand that many times ‘glitches’ in these areas may not be visible to the people closest to the child. That is where child counsellors come in.

We generally prefer face-to-face counselling. You may either approach us as a parent or directly as a child.

  1. Fill in the below “Appointment Form”
  2. We will set up a mutually convenient time for an appointment with one of the experts from our panel
  3. There will be nominal fee of Rs. 300/- (all inclusive) per counselling session. However, if you are directly approaching as a child or are unable to afford for any other reason, we will waive off the same.



B Gayathri

MSc (Psychology)
Certified in CBT, SFBT & Art therapies


Sowmya Balaji

Msc (Psychology)
Certified in MBCT, Family Counselling, Trainer


M Shyamala

MSc (Psychology),
MSc (Yoga),
BEd, Trainer - NLP & CBT

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